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Saint Malo

Discover Saint-Malo,

browse the book is its history through its Great Men: geniuses or adventurers, they all left an indelible mark in granite ramparts.
Fortress, Saint Malo boasts of never having been conquered. Founded in the sixth century by the Welsh monk MacLow which it derives its name, the enclave Gallic, Roman, and Malo was first developed in the City of Aleth in Saint-Servan. Too often subject to the invaders is the twelfth century, Bishop Jean de Chatillon transfers its seat on the rock, an island at high tide, where the old city today its foundations.
At the end of the fifteenth century, Anne of Brittany by his successive marriages with Charles VIII and Louis XII annexed the Duchy of Brittany in the Kingdom of France. In the sixteenth century, his sailors have scoured all the oceans of the world. Jacques Cartier discovered Canada, King of Corsairs, Surcouf and Duguay Trouin conquered many fortresses, making Saint Malo at the same time the richest city in the Kingdom.