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Mont Saint-Michel

In the early eighth century, in 708, Aubert, bishop of Avranches, following an apparition of the Archangel Saint-Michel was ordered to construct a building which would let the merits of the archangel. The poor bishop believer follie dare do anything and decided to wait.
A second time the angel appeared to him, and probably always Aubert. But the third appearance of the archangel no doubt that remains in the mind of the bishop, as Saint-Michel, furious at not having been listened to Aubert leaves evidence of his power as head of the Bishop is a circular hole. But the bishop does not suffer too because he will not die until years later. Today Aubert's skull is kept in the Basilica of Avranches. This story is true or false? Nobody can prove who will tip the balance one way or another. Nevertheless, the bishop certain that these visions were not put on account of insanity is doing the work ordered by the archangel.